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Are You Qualified To Give Advice?

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We have this whole thing going on with the internet today. We have people giving us advice about mixing, mastering, songwriting, music production, you name it. Then, on the other hand, we have people telling us to follow their advice and not another person’s advice. It’s so crazy.

When you have a problem you simply want the best solution for you and your situation. So much information is (I don’t really like using this word but oh well) overwhelming and it’s also confusing. Unfortunately you have to sift through all of the internet clutter. There is no short cut to learning your craft.

Before YouTube, I use to read article after article about how to run, Pro Tools, Nuendo and Sonar. I also read countless articles about mixing. I wanted to know how to get that pro sound that I heard on my favorite songs. I still read articles (although not as much) and look at videos about mixing, songwriting and music production. I never stop learning, but while I’m learning I am also giving people advice about those subjects.

When we drink water it doesn’t stay in our body, it flows through our body. That’s how I treat knowledge, I learn and if it helps me I pass it on. Are you qualified to give advice? Absolutely, if someone can learn from your knowledge I feel you have an obligation to share what has helped you. The more you share the more you learn, so let the knowledge flow.

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