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Do you need expensive equipment to record a voice over, podcast or audio book?

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Twenty Five (25) years ago if you wanted to record a song, voice over, audio book etc. you would need to go to a recording studio to get a high quality recording. That could cost you at least $50 an hour. Now I can hear you saying “$50 an hour is not that much money” but twenty five (25) years ago $50 was worth more than today’s $50.

Now that we have computers and recording programs we can do complete productions right on a laptop. That presents a problem and the problem is too many choices. So what do we do? We look at what other people are saying about the so called “Best” recording programs. First of all, there is no “Best” recording program. Second, the “Best” recording program is what YOU are comfortable with.

If you are not a do it yourself person, ask around and I’m sure you will find a friend of a friend with a home studio. The goal here is to find someone who can get you a high quality clear recording your voice, so I would ask to hear some of his/her recordings to see if it matches what you are looking for.

If you are a do it yourself person but you don’t have experience in recording, I would recommend you find someone to record you first. The secret is when someone is recording you, ask them questions about what recording program, microphone and interface they are using. I can’t tell you how many artists I’ve recorded that have no idea what I’m using or doing. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy what they are using but it will give you a starting point. From there you can compare what is available to what is in your price range.

The number one thing you are looking for is a clear recording of your voice over, podcast or audio book etc.

I record vocals in my home studio all the time. Contact me at floricmusic@gmail.com when you are ready to record your next project or if you have questions.

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