• Richard "RJ" Johnson

How often should I practice my instrument?

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I have heard this question many times over the years. It always seems like a trick question when someone asks me the question. Well, let us go back to when you were learning how to walk. Although I was not present when you we learning how to walk I can pretty much tell you how it went.

One day you were crawling along at a pace that you thought was pretty fast but you looked up and saw someone moving faster than you were. Not only was that person moving faster than you but you also noticed they were walking on two legs. You thought to yourself why am I crawling on all fours and this person is walking on two legs and moving much faster than me. So what did you do? You stood up on two legs and tried to walk but you fell back down. You might have cried when you fell but that’s neither here nor there, the point is you tried. Did you stop there? Nope, you were determined to walk so you got back to your feet and tried again. And you fell again but you kept trying until you were able to walk and you’ve been walking ever since.

So, when someone says to me “how often should I practice” my answer is “only you know how much you should practice”.

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