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Music Professional or Hobbyist

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Do you want to make music as a professional or a hobbyist? Before you approach people about working with you, you need to be totally clear about it.

If you decide to be a hobbyist don’t tell people that you want to be a professional just so you can join a band, vocal group or work with a specific producer. The only thing that will do is make people upset when they find out you deceived them. And they will find out, if you don’t think so you’re naive. People will put their trust in you to do your part and when you don’t you hold them back from achieving their goals. So be upfront and honest about your intentions so you can find the group that you belong too.

If you choose the professional route don’t underestimate the sacrifice you need to make. Sacrifice is a must to be successful in any field. Entertainment is probably the toughest field to succeed in because there is no clear path. If you want to be a Lawyer or Doctor you go to school the specified amount of time then pass the necessary test or exams and you are a Lawyer or Doctor. You can talk to 100 successful music professionals and you’ll probably get 100 different paths to success. No two paths are the same. One thing is for sure is it takes tremendous sacrifice to succeed.

Whether you want to be a music professional or hobbyist make sure you don’t mislead anyone about your intentions. Tell everyone the truth, no exceptions.

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